Welcome to Breezy's Legacy Domestic, Wildlife & Exotic Rescue & Rehabilitation
Where all lives matter


We accept any and all small & medium sized injured, orphaned and displaced domestic, wildlife & unwanted exotics

Our Goal

Our goal is to successfully rehabilitate, release all wildlife back into their natural habitat & find all domestic/exotic animals their forever homes.


There is no animal too small or too sick. We accept all cases. We do not euthanize. No matter the time or day we are available 24/7

Can you donate $5 - $10? Baby season is in full swing and your donation will make such a difference. With your donation injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife, exotics & domestic animals will be able to continue to receive the proper care that they need in their rehabilitation and future adoption/release back into the wild. All donations go towards medical expenses for the sick and injured, formula/milk for the orphaned babies, a staple diet to ensure a successful rehabilitation and adoption/release back into the wild and housing. Lets show them that we care. Everyone who donates any amount over $15 will receive a custom made gift. Want to sponsor a animal in our care? With sponsoring you can make weekly/monthly donations, receive updates, photos and a custom made gift. You can send care packages, letters and cards to the animal that you are sponsoring in our care. All animals can have more than one sponsor and you can sponsor more than one animal. Here at Breezy's Legacy we have many permanent residents due to disabilities that have impaired their successful release back into the wild. If you would like to sponsor, please send us a message and we will update you on our permanent residents and new intakes so you can choose who you would like to sponsor. I want to thank everyone for their continued support. 

Donation List:

- Milk Money - $0

- Housing & upkeep - $0

- Medical Expenses - $0

- Groceries (produce & feed) $0

              Available For Adoption


- Noriko Onoe, Japan

- Cindy Northup, Florida


- Gift Cards (Grocery Stores & Walmart) 

- KMR formula

- Esbilac formula

- Puppy replacement formula

- Fox Valley Day one Formula 20/50

- Fox Valley Day One Formula 32/40

- Henry's High Protein Blocks

- Clear unflavored Pedialite

- Paper towels

- Non latex gloves

- Cat litter

- Purina One cat food

- Purina one kitten food

- Puppy food

- hamster food

- rodent blocks

- Timothy hay

- bird food

- Wild bird seed

- mealworms

- Walnuts (with & without shell)

- Pecans (with & without shell)

- Almonds

- Pistachios

- Pumpkin Seeds

- puppy pads

- Guinea Pig food/pellets

- Hay feeder for inside cage

- water bottles (plastic & glass)

- food and water dishes (all sizes, deep & shallow)

- cages, tanks, cages, terrariums (all sizes)

- Squirrel houses & bird houses

- litter pans/boxes (all sizes)

- Cat toys

- Friskies canned wet food

- fleece blankets

- Heat lamps, heating pads, heating mats & warmers

- cotton balls

- Q-Tips

- Kleenex Tissues

- Hypoallergenic Unscented Baby Wipes

- Dawn Dish Soap 

- small plush toys (for single babies to cuddle)


Our Family & Care Team

(Our Local Veterinarian Team That Cares For The Sick & Injured)

Dawn Marie

Founder, Operator
I was only 15 years old (May 2009) when I rescued my first Eastern Gray Squirrel. Ever since then I have dedicated my life to saving injured, orphaned and/or displaced wildlife & exotics. I love what I do and I could never imagine my life any other way.  

Dr. Norbert Christmann DVM

Dr. Christmann is such a wonderful doctor. He has so much compassion for the work that he does in his practice. I have been bringing my personal pets and rescues to see him for quite some time now. He is the only vet that I trust.

Animal Clinic of Wekiva

Vets Office
The Animal Clinic of Wekiva in 
Longwood, Florida, is a small 
veterinary clinic for cats, dogs, 
birds, rabbits and pet pigs. We provide vaccines, x-rays,de-clawing, and a 
number of surgical procedures to 
ensure your beloved pet is healthy. Our unique atmosphere and kind staff sets our veterinary clinic apart from others in the area. When you bring your family pet here, you can rest easy knowing they'll receive the finest treatment.